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Olivia Wilde

Title: Olivia Wilde Sheds Her 'Tough Woman' Image for 'Broken' Character in 'Deadfall' (Video)

Starring opposite Eric Bana and Charlie Hunnam, Wilde plays Liza, a young woman on the run from a casino robbery with her brother Addison (Bana). After a car crash and the death of their driver, the duo is forced out into the biting cold of winter to continue toward Canada on foot. During their trek, audiences see glimpses of an unusual sibling relationship peppered with sexualized nuance.

“Liza was so different from anything I’d ever played before, and I think I was really attracted to playing someone a little more broken,” Wilde tells THR. “I had spent many years on House playing this very tough woman, I had played tough women in movies, and I realized that was something I was gravitating toward because it’s probably something I aspire to.
read more: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/risky-business/olivia-wilde-sheds-her-tough-399497 

Olivia Wilde Dreams About Her Wedding Dress

Every girl wants her dream wedding dress, and Olivia Wilde is no different!

As she plans for her big day with Jason Sudeikis, the actress is talking more and more about what she wants, including her dress.

Olivia said of her hunt for the ultimate wedding gown:

"I’m looking for a design and materials that represents the best version of myself… Anything that is modern, elegant and playful."

We can’t wait to see which designer she decides to go with!
read more: http://perezhilton.com/cocoperez/2013-02-19-olivia-wilde-talks-about-dream-wedding-dress-kyle-blair 

‘House' star Olivia Wilde wants an ‘elegant and playful’ wedding dress

The 28-year-old actress got engaged to Jason Sudeikis, 37, in early January and although the couple haven't set a date yet, she is already searching for the perfect gown.

The former 'House' star told People.com: "I'm very excited to look for a dress. I think women should want a dress that inspires them, especially for an important day like a wedding. I'm looking for a design and materials that represents the best version of myself. Anything that is modern, elegant and playful."
Read more: http://www.irishcentral.com/story/ent/amyandrews_gossipgirl/house-star-olivia-wilde-wants-an-elegant-and-playful-wedding-dress-191797791.html#ixzz2Lg5kUXvy
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